Beckett (June 1990) – Bo Jackson

1990_june_bo_jacksonThanks to a fellow baseball card collector on Facebook (thanks Alberto!), I was able to acquire the Beckett Baseball Card Monthly from June 1990 with the iconic black & white photo of Bo Jackson in football pads and a baseball bat. The cover photo was featured in the 1990 Score set (#697) and was one of my favorite cards in my collection back in the day. I still have the card somewhere in one my boxes that I have not sorted through since I started collecting again. Looks like I will have to track it down.

697_bo_jackson_1 697_bo_jackson_2

Back then each issue of Beckett had great photos on the front and back cover, as well as drawings on the inside of the front and back covers. This particular issue had Tim Raines on the back, Carlton Fisk on the inside front cover, and my favorite player at the time (and still!) Will Clark on the inside back cover. I am pretty sure when the July 1990 was released, the staples were removed from this issue and Bo Jackson and Will Clark hung on my wall.

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One Response to Beckett (June 1990) – Bo Jackson

  1. JT says:

    I got rid of most of my old Becketts over a decade ago, but this is one of the issues I kept. I loved the artwork on the inside covers. Wish there was still a magazine that did stuff like that.

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