2016 Jason’s Custom Trading Card Set

In the past I have tried and failed miserably to finish a custom card set. I think the main reason I could never complete a set is the complexity of my designs. It just took so much time to complete each card and I was overwhelmed. I am hoping with the simple design I am using for my 2016 custom cards I can avoid that pitfall this season. For my design I used the 2009 O-Pee-Chee card as inspiration for my design and changed up a few things to make it more custom. Below is an original 2009 O-Pee-Chee card of #425 Ken Griffey Jr.

2009_o_pee_chee_ken_griffey_jr_front   2009_o_pee_chee_ken_griffey_jr_back

For my custom design I replaced the ball/position on the front with the logo from the teams’ hat and added the players’ position next to their name. The font is also different between the original and my design. I am not sure how they chose the colors on the original but I plan on using team colors. The backs are not that much different besides the font and I left out any type of player story. The stats I chose to use besides games are all stats used in my 2016 fantasy baseball season. Below is my 2016 custom card of #117 Salvador Perez.

117_salvador_perez_front   117_salvador_perez_back

My goal is 60 base set cards per month from April through September for a total of 360 base cards. I already have the 360 players chosen and I will randomly select the players to create and post and they will not be released in order. All-Star cards will be added during the All-Star break in July. At the conclusion of the season I will be adding League Leader type cards. I also plan on doing some season highlights/milestones cards during the year when such events occur but not sure if they will use his design or a different one. So wish me luck and look for the first few cards starting in April.

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