2016 Custom Baseball Card Set – First Pack

packagingA few days ago I announced my plans for a 2016 Custom Baseball Card set. Since then I have made a few minor changes to the design, dropped the JCTC (Jason’s Custom Trading Card) for just CBC (Custom Baseball Card) and am ready to finally open the first pack and share it with everybody. My goal still remains the same with 60 cards per month which should put the base set at 360 cards by the time the end of September rolls around. The set will be filled with veterans, young stars, and rookies plus a few surprises here and there through the year. I got the idea to design a package for the cards from Joe over at The Shlabotnik Report who also designs cards and does a great job.

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So I am pretty happy with the first pack, 2015 World Series MVP (Salvador Perez), 2015 Cy Young Award winner (Jake Arrieta) and my first San Francisco Giant (Madison Bumgarner).

You can view a full list of the custom cards as they are added HERE.

Custom Baseball Card Set Statistics

Teams – Chicago Cubs (1), Kansas City Royals (1), Oakland Athletics (1), Philadelphia Phillies (1), San Francisco Giants (1)

Positions – Catcher (1), Shortstop (1), Outfield (1), Starting Pitcher (2)

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