Topps and Walmart Marketside Pizza

pizzaI’ve read a few Facebook posts about Topps and Walmart teaming up to offer trading cards inside their Marketside Pizza boxes. I had walked past the section a few times without stopping but today I decided to see what these cards were all about.

Inside each box are three player cards, one coupon for Topps cards, and one Topps BUNT code card. The 50-card set includes MLB stars, rookies, and two mascots (Mr. Met and Phillies Phanatic). So today I scooped up two pizzas for dinner tonight, and two silver packs of cards to open when I got home.
The first pack I pulled a Tyson Ross, Nolan Arenado, and Mike Trout.

tyson_ross  nolan_arenado  mike_trout

The second pack had Jacoby Ellsbury, Kris Bryant, and another Nolan Arenado. Would have preferred two Trouts or two Bryants but was happy to get one of each.

jacoby_ellsbury  kris_bryant  nolan_arenado

These remind me of collecting as a kid and mom bringing home food from the store that had cards inside . . . EXCITING! I may have to pick up a few more pizzas before the promotion ends.

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