Custom Baseball Cards Highlights 2016 – Trevor Story

I was a huge fan (still am) of the Donruss Highlights sets from 1985-1987 and where I drew my inspiration for the creation of a Custom Baseball Cards Highlights 2016 set. The Donruss Highlights was a boxed-set of 56 cards and was released after the season to pay tribute to notable achievements as well as the players and pitchers of the month during the previous baseball season. These sets were very popular and Donruss sold out before the initial orders were even filled for their first set in 1985.

murphy-85d-hl  1986 Donruss Highlights Mattingly  eric-davis-14

The cards I plan to create are very similar to the model by Donruss. I will be creating custom cards for at least the following –

Player of the Month (American and National League)
Pitcher of the Monh (American and National League
Notable Achievements
End of Season Awards

They will resemble the Custom Baseball Cards base set with a few minor cosmetic changes and the addition of a Highlight 2016 logo in tribute to the original Donruss Highlights cards. These will be created as soon as the achievement is accomplished.

Here is the first entry into the Custom Baseball Cards Highlights 2016 set –

hl1_trevor_story_front  hl1_trevor_story_back

Trevor Story, Colorado Rockies
Rookie Record for HRs to Start Season

If you have been hiding under a rock and do not know who Trevor Story is let me fill you in. He is the starting shortstop for the Colorado Rockies and playing in his first MLB season. He got the job in part to the legal issues facing Jose Reyes who came to the team as part of the trade that sent Troy Tulowitzki to the Blue Jays last summer. Tulowitzki was a Rockies fan favorite but Story is making them forget all about him this season. All he has done is hit 6 home runs in their first five games, he failed to hit a home run on Saturday night in a 16-3 Rockies loss to the Padres. The same Padres that didn’t score any runs their season opening series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. He set a rookie record by homering in his first three games. He also tied a record held by Willie Mays (1971), Mark McGwire (1998), Nelson Cruz (2011) and Chris Davis (2013) with home runs in each of his first four game to start the season. The rookie record for home runs in a season is 49 home runs in 1987 by Mark McGwire. It would be near impossible to sustain his current pace but you have to believe he has a chance to break set a new record. If he does there will be another CBC Highlights 2016 card with his picture on it.

Sometimes I may miss some accomplishments so if you know of one and think it should be featured on a custom card please let me know by sending me an email –

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