eBay Find – 1985 Donruss Highlights

After coming up with my design for my Custom Baseball Cards Highlights 2016 set using the Donruss Highlights from 1985-1987 as my inspiration I realized I needed to add the sets back to my baseball card collection. So off to eBay I went and after finding an auction with all three sets, I made my bid and waited. I was able to win the auction for fairly cheap and the sets arrived a few days ago.

set_front  set_back

The 1985 Donruss Highlights was the company’s first attempt at a post season set. The 56-card box set was released in November of 1985 and consisted of 56 cards highlighting the players and pitchers of the month during the season as well as other notable achievements. The set was very popular and sold out before the first boxes shipped and was selling above retail from the moment it arrived in hobby stores and shows. The card design of the 1985 Donruss Highlights set was very similar to the 1985 Donruss base set with the exceptions of the stripes (gold for highlights and red for base set) running along the bottom and the team logo replaced with the Highlights logo. You can see two examples below.

andre_dawson_1  george_brett_1

You can check out the set checklist HERE.

The set contains quite a few Hall of Famers, including Tom Seaver (x2), Rollie Fingers, Tony Perez, George Brett (x2), Rickey Henderson (x2), Gary Carter (x2), Nolan Ryan, Rod Carew, Eddie Murray, Andre Dawson, Wade Boggs, Phil Niekro, Dave Winfield, Lou Gehrig (Puzzle).

The cards are still wrapped in their original plastic and I am debating whether I should remove them or not? It would be the first time they have felt fresh air in over 30 years! Stay tuned for the 1986 and 1987 Donruss Highlights set recap.

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