eBay Find – 1990 K-Mart Baseball Superstars

1990_topp_kmart_superstarsI don’t remember buying this set as a 16-year old teenager, although I might have. I do remember having quite a few of these cards from the set in my personal collections back in the day. Players like Will Clark (who I still collect to this day), Ryne Sandberg, Tony Gwynn, Kevin Mitchell, Craig Biggio, Doc Gooden, Don Mattingly, Wade Boggs, Cal Ripken, Kirby Puckett, Bret Saberhagen, Fred McGriff, and Mark McGwire were in my personal collections. The K-Mart Baseball Superstars 33-card set was produced by Topps and distributed at K-Mart stores. The cards have a super glossy finish with white borders on the front. The backs are unfinished with a red border and the usual biographical information and stats you find on most cards. The set features 11 cards of players/manager that are in the Hall of Fame, Ryne Sandberg, Ozzie Smith, Tony Gwynn, Craig Biggio, Wade Boggs, Cal Ripken, Kirby Puckett, Rickey Henderson, Nolan Ryan, and Dennis Eckersley.

1_will_clark_1     1_will_clark_2    

1. Will Clark (1B), San Francisco Giants
2. Ryne Sandberg (2B), Chicago Cubs
3. Howard Johnson (3B), New York Mets
4. Ozzie Smith (SS), St. Louis Cardinals
5. Tony Gwynn (OF), San Diego Padres
6. Kevin Mitchell (OF), San Francisco Giants
7. Jerome Walton (OF), Chicago Cubs
8. Craig Biggio (C), Houston Astros
9. Mike Scott (RHP), Houston Astros
10. Doc Gooden (RHP), New York Mets
11. Sid Fernandez (LHP), New York Mets
12. Joe Magrane (LHP), St. Louis Cardinals
13. Jay Howell (R REL P), Los Angeles Dodgers
14. Mark Davis (L REL P), San Diego Padres
15. Pedro Guerrero (DH/PH), St. Louis Cardinals
16. Glenn Davis (DH/PH), Houston Astros

17. Don Mattingly (1B), New York Yankees
18. Julio Franco (2B), Texas Rangers
19. Wade Boggs (3B), Boston Red Sox
20. Cal Ripken (SS), Baltimore Orioles
21. Jose Canseco (OF), Oakland Athletics
22. Kirby Puckett (OF), Minnesota Twins
23. Rickey Henderson (OF), Oakland Athletics
24. Mickey Tettleton (C), Baltimore Orioles
25. Nolan Ryan (RHP), Texas Rangers
26. Bret Saberhagen (RHP), Kansas City Royals
27. Jeff Ballard (LHP), Baltimore Orioles
28. Chuck Finley (LHP), California Angels
29. Dennis Eckersley (R REL P), Oakland Athletics
30. Dan Plesac (L REL P), Milwaukee Brewers
31. Fred McGriff (DH/PH), Toronto Blue Jays
32. Mark McGwire (DH/PH), Oakland Athletics

33. Tony LaRussa (Oakland Athletics) & Roger Craig (San Francisco Giants)

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